EcoGreenFarms Natural Herbal Tea, Jasmine for Relaxtion 30g


Jasmine For Relaxation
Composed exclusively of Kampot pepper inflorescences and jasmine flowers, EcoGreenFarms Relaxation herbal tea is an ideal brew for relaxing. The jasmine flower relaxing effects will help to eliminate your daily stress.
Put 2g in a Glass of Hot Water

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To be able to use this durable product, you need to clean it regurarely and use it appropriately. The item is produced from the highest quality of material that was available to the manufacturer. Its famous brand is also a good reason for you to rely on the perfectness of it.


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  • – Wash and clean gently to avoid damage.
  • – Order the product 3-4 days before your due date.
  • – Customizations are possible based on customer request.

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